Extra portraits from your photoshoot.

Choose as many as you want!

A 20 x 30 fine art print as a gift if you order 10 extra images.


How to best prepare your portrait session with Olga Kravets

If you can, don’t start your morning with stressing calls of tasks. I know it’s often hard, so I will do my best to help you to relax – for the last 15 years I photographed hundreds of people in war zones in distressing situations so it’s my pleasure to help you be yourself with my skills.

Dress how you feel the best yourself. If you wear glasses for work meetings on the daily basis, don’t wear lenses – your photo also helps people to recognise you after first meeting online or seeing your linkedIn profile.

We will have an hour at our disposal, enough to take hundreds of photos. You will get a preselection of 10 that I consider the best. Three professionally post-produced pictures are included in the price. You can order more at 25 euros excl VAT if you wish.

We share the copyright of the pictures. You can use them for any purpose, and I can use them to show my skills to my potential clients in my portfolio or social media. None of us can use this work for advertising unless we sign an annex agreement. You have a right to buy full rights if you desire – the pricing is on demand depending on the exclusivity period.

I deliver pictures within a week since the choice has been made by a client. You will be sent the invoice once the order is completed.

I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Please check out some of my previous portrait work to get inspired by portraits of whistleblowers, heads of state and inspiring professionals: