Olga Kravets

Author, shooting director and photographer based in Paris

Plus de terreur qu'Allah

A book about persecution of Russian converts to Islam.

Grozny: Nine Cities

A cross-media project on the aftermath of two Chechen wars: a book, a web-documentary, an exhibition

It's Getting Dark

The story of five families of political prisoners across Russia through time

A Syrian Journal

A 2014 reportage from Syria

Russian Arctic

A selection from 2013-2015 documentary series on Murmansk and Teriberka

Uhvatio Maglu

A 2010-2011 quest for Bosnian Serb war criminal Ratko Mladic

Nikol Pashinyan’s march to power

A 2018 assignment for Le Monde, the velvet revolution in Armenia

Shadows of Islamists

A 2015 reportage from Eastern Congo supported by the IWMF Great Lakes Reporting Initiative

Good Plan

A road trip that makes you fall in love with France!

Extraordinary Together

Making the aircraft engines on both sides of the Atlantic

The Cause of The Execution

A web documentary for Memorial, a leading Russian Russian historical and civil rights society