Get a meaningful gift for yourself or your loved ones, support storytellers in exile.

I have a dream – I want to support storytellers who had to leave their homes, no matter where they come from.

Every print I sell will sponsor a session with an author who needs help starting over in a new place. A framed print will sponsor two.

I have gone this road and now I want to make it easier for those who are where I was in 2013 when I left what later became a terrorist state.

Ukraine is in the headlines, but there is a lot of conflicts and crises going on at the same time – so my initiative is open to exiled authors across the world, from Eritrea to Venezuela to Myanmar, as long as we can find a language in common.

Prints come 30 x 40 cm un-framed,
printed on Museum Etching #Hahnemühle at @pictofr Paris.

Price 150 euros, shipping in EU 6 euros. Delivery in person in Paris or in Bugey Sud.

If you want to buy a signed and numbered print, you will be able to sponsor up to 10 training sessions depending on what you choose – please get in touch and I will send you a catalogue of my editions.

If you are an author in exile, you should not hesitate to email too!